Sonia Sieff

Sonia Sieff


Facing a challenging 2020 LA FETICHE and photographer Sonia Sieff came up with a creative DIY solution for our Spring Summer 21 Lookbook.

Artist, muse & good friend SONIA SIEFF graciously accepted to model and photograph herself whilst spending the summer at her childhood home in Normandy. During a long and extended shoot lasting from dawn til dusk, she worked in various locations & many different terrains. The beautiful setting & incredible coastline of les petites dalles made a touching connection of the origins of LA FETICHE, between Scotland & France.


Sonia sets up the camera, before placing herself in the shot.
She wears the MARSHA jean and BIANCA jacket.


Sonia on set wearing the BRIGITTE, BIANCA and HARING.
She takes the photograph using a timer.


Sonia on set wearing the KEITH PINK and BETSEY.
Set design by Vivian Daval.


On the lookout for a new setting, Sonia wears the TASHA shirt and EDIE handknitted pant.


Sonia on set wearing MARSHA, BOWIE and TASHA


The team! Thanks to Sonia Sieff, Caroline Bufalini, Vivian Daval and Fred Bergue.