Sonia Sieff
Photography © Raphael Lugassy

Sonia Sieff


Paris based photographer SONIA SIEFF has been a long term collaborator with LA FETICHE, generously photographing every collection to date.

Sonia Sieff is a French photographer and director, mainly focussed on fashion, portraits and nudes. She began her career on movie sets working with the director of photography. In the last decade, she particularly was involved in fashion and portrait photography, collaborating with French & International magazines  (Vogue Japan, Uomo Vogue, Telegraph). She now focusses mainly on personal projects. 

Her first book Les Françaises was published in 2017 by Rizzoli International. Her second book dedicated to Oran and Yves Saint Laurent’s youth in Algeria was published in september 2019. She came back to her first love, and started doing films, bringing all her talent as a photographer in directing short movies and working on two feature films. She is now shooting a film documentary on Jeanloup Sieff.


Model Suzie Bird photographed by Sonia Sieff
AW20 Lookbook
Credits Rue Sainte-Marthe 75010 Paris, France


Model Maeva Marshall photographed by Sonia Sieff
SS20 Lookbook

Credits Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris, France 


Writer Loulou Robert photographed by Sonia Sieff
AW19 Lookbook

Credits Bruther Architects Centre Culturel et Sportif Wangari Maathai Mairie de Paris, France


Artist Evangeline Ling photographed by Sonia Sieff
SS19 Lookbook
Credits Éric Lapierre Architectes Chris Marker building, France 


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