Notes from Paris: a fashion week full of discoveries

Notes from Paris: a fashion week full of discoveries
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Written by Caroline Issa 

Paris Fashion Week has come to an end but it was full of inspiring moments. Between the spectacular fashion shows (hello, Chanel and Alexander McQueen!) there were also pleasant surprises from young designers, whose pieces you never knew you wanted but that you now need. These are just some of my favourite discoveries from the City of Light.

The object of obsession: La Fétiche

When I learned about the two women who decided to go it alone after decades at a luxury brand, my interest was piqued.

Glasgow-based April Crichton and Paris native Orely Forestier both spent the majority of their careers (20 and 15 years respectively) at the iconic French fashion house, Sonia Rykiel, creating joyous collections under the founder herself. After a few years' break, they’ve reconnected to launch La Fétiche – French for obsession, according to their translation.

The first collection is based around perfect wardrobe pieces, according to Crichton and Forestier. It is highly personal, with each partner seeking out skilled artisans close to their home cities to produce the pieces.

Thus knitters in Fife create colourful hand-knitted sweaters, and one of the last specialist jean manufacturers in Beauvoir-Sur-Mer, France, produces perfectly cut and cuffed denim.

Collaborators are often the pair’s artist friends – twin sisters Hayley and Sue Tompkins' hand-knitted chain necklaces attach to the sweaters. It makes for a beguiling collection, throughout which the hand of the creators is clearly visible.

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