‘Timelessness’ trends at La Fetiche

‘Timelessness’ trends at La Fetiche
Because Magazine


Written by Abigail Gurney-Read

Creating garments that transcend seasonal trends, and striking a balance of sentimentality and wearability, is where the interests lie for designers April Crichton and Orely Forestier at their contemporary womenswear brand La Fetiche (‘Forever Favourites’). “Each piece has been made with care and attention to detail, taking into account the origins of the fabric, yarn and unique manufacturing skills of our local producers,” the duo explain. “We hope to create something that evokes an emotional attachment.”

After first meeting at Sonia Rykiel – where they worked together for 15 years – in 2017, the pair joined forces with an aim to meld the age-old craftsmanship and artistry from their respective homes of Paris and Edinburgh. The result? A 37-strong collection, fashioned from globally sourced fabrics, with definitive nods to heritage (think the kilt-shaped Twiggy skirt), and pieces named in homage to the muse who inspired its design. “We always give our pieces a name! For example, we have a hand-knitted sweater called Patti in reference to Patti Smith to give the garment a special place in time."

As their Spring/Summer 2019 handiwork arrives, the brand is now popping up in London (a city, which they already cite as playing into the label’s eclectic styling) to offer a two day-long preview that runs in conjunction with its now-shoppable Autumn/Winter 2018 collection. The common thread, the duo explains, is a singular one, “of desirability and love that runs through all of our clothes.”


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